Preparedness 101 Class

September is National Preparedness Month. Join us at 5:30pm on Tuesday 9/14/21 for Preparedness 101 with Sherry Haner. President Biden made a statement on the importance of preparedness, saying “In the past year, our Nation has faced both unpredictable and unprecedented challenges. The 2020 hurricane season was the most active on record. Severe winter storms and record-breaking heat waves interrupted our power sector, and the climate crisis fueled historic drought, water scarcity, and dangerous heat waves, which in turn have helped supercharge the wildfires ravaging the West. All of this has come on top of the ongoing pain and struggle of COVID-19, which has impacted every community across the Nation. Becoming more disaster-resilient as a country — and more prepared as a people — is essential for our continued strength and security. During National Preparedness Month, we encourage all Americans to take the important steps to prepare for natural and human-made threats and to ensure that all our communities are ready for any emergency.” Read the presidential proclamation on National Preparedness Month here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/…/a-proclamation-on…/

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