The Friends of the Coburn Free Library

Who are the Friends of the Coburn Free Library?

Organized in 1951, the Friends of the Coburn Free Library are concerned citizens who believe in the importance of a library to the life of their community. They are committed to the encouragement of reading and view the library as a dynamic educational force, as well as a cultural and research center.

Officers for The Friends of the Coburn Free Library

  • Chair: Joan Hunt
  • Secretary: Sandy Laidley
  • Treasurer: Carolyn Wright
  • Corresponding Secretary: Sue Tomazic

What Services do the Friends Provide?

The Friends of the Coburn Free Library seek to augment and complement the services of the library. Contributing to the Friends of the Coburn Free Library will help us support the services and programs of the library. The Friends are also the major driving force behind the book sale and processing the donations at the Coburn Free Library. Click here to view the Friends donation policy  or call the Library at (607) 687-3520 for inquiries.

Learn more about the friends book sales here: The Friends Free Will Donation Book Sale

The Friends also hold a April book review in collaboration with our Coburn Academy program! The 2023 Friends Book Review will be April 9th, 2024 at 5:30pm.

The Friends 2023 Projects:

THE FRIENDS planted a lovely pollinator garden behind the library. Thanks to Owego Rotary, the garden also has reading benches and a serviceberry tree!





Alongside the pollinator and reading garden is a new stage for outdoor events. A seed library was also put in place in Spring of 2023.


THE FRIENDS provided food pantry donations for The Tioga County Rural Ministry as a part of their annual “Book Tree”. Each donor received a free book thanks to a collaboration with the Family Reading Partnership of Owego-Apalachin!

Contribution and Events in 2024

  • Cash grants for adults ad children’s books and audio-visual materials
  • Contributions to the Coburn Free Library trust fund
  • Participation in programs which distribute books to those in need
  • Seasonal and holiday decorations to add to the cheerful and welcoming library environment.
  • Free Will Donation Book Sale to benefit the Coburn Free Library
  • Contributions to the Family Reading Partnership of Owego-Apalachin’s Bright Red Book Shelves.
  • Annual Book Tree donation drive supporting area food banks

Do you want to be part of the Friends?

Contact Joan Hunt at:

Or do you want to make a contribution to the Friends? Send a contribution to:

THE FRIENDS of the Coburn Free Library

P.O. Box 404, Owego, NY 13827

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