Using the Library

Thank you for visiting the Coburn Free Library website!

Allow us to share with you a few reasons we love our library:

We love the detailed architecture of our 100+ year old building. Built in 1910, the Coburn Free Library was built as a library from day one. Our cast-iron library stacks are an important part of the library structure and run from basement to roof. We also have antique glass floors that fascinate our child patrons. Stop by and we will give you a tour.

We have welcoming children’s spaces, meeting rooms, and a variety of programs for all ages. We also have a friendly, and knowledgeable staff to help guide you in your quest for information or entertainment.

We love our teen area with study carrels and charging ports across from the young adult collection.  There are challenges, coloring pages, and a place to lounge and peruse the books.  Soon to come is a maker space!

We also have an elevator, an at-grade entry, an ADA restroom, new reading areas, and a perfect spot outside the main level elevator doors to show off our antique card catalog, complete with sample cards so you can see how we kept track of books before computers. We believe in making the most of each opportunity for learning. Stop by and see us.

To learn how to use the library, visit the drop down pages under this menu.

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