Author visit September 29th

The Key to Idelisia is available for check-out at the library.  We have also posted segments of the book on our Facebook page Click here to register

Author Sharon A. Roe, teacher, poet, essayist and novelist, has a long and varied career focused on the education and nurturing of children, the creation and enjoyment of writing in it’s various forms, and programs for the gifted and talented.  She taught in High school, middle school and elementary school. During these years she found time to earn her MALS- Creative Writing degree from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The common thread throughout her life is the focus on educating and nurturing children about the magic of the written word that is theirs to enjoy as both readers and writers. Her work displays her faith in children and the value of learning. it is vibrant with the sense of wonder, imagination and fantasy.  Her first novel, The Key of Idelisia, is book one of a trilogy featuring a pre-teen girl who confronts daunting obstacles as she searches for her lost father. During her epic journey she learns to trust true friends and gradually realize the hidden power she possesses.

About the book:

On one side is a naive, sheltered 12-year-old girl, on the other, a revenge-seeking sorcerer. One knows nothing of the world or the hidden power she carries. The other has thousands of years of magic and a ruthlessness that knows no bounds.  Oelsa’s childhood shatters when her father is kidnapped. If he is to be rescued, she must do it. But how? With the help of a shape-shifting raven, a brave woodsman, an old wizardess and her sassy cat, Oelsa sets out on a quest that will test her courage to its limits.

As Oelsa and the Shadow Lord gain strength and support, the balance of control of Idelisia teeters between the awakening of an invincible, ancient power and the regeneration of a malevolent tyrant. The winner takes all and the lives of all will be affected forever.

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