Annual Fundraiser- We depend on your support.

Annual Fall Fundraiser 2022

Dear Friends:

What a great year we have had at the library!  On your latest trips to the library, we hope that you have noticed all the new projects completed.  So many groups and individuals have helped financially and with shovels!  The large dips in our side drive are now gone (our cars say thank you), there is a lovely pollinator garden with a reading bench and a small stage for hosting outdoor events.   Our experiences with the pandemic have reminded us of the importance of fresh air and outdoor time as well as our need for community.

Indoors, we are working on improvements as well.  Both our heating and cooling systems require updates.  We await the installation of a new boiler.  Supply chain issues are teaching us patience.   Our young adult collection has a new home on the mezzanine with new study carrels.  Young and old have been enchanted with an “Ocean of Possibilities” this summer.

And finally, the Coburn Free Library Board of Trustees with our executive director, have written, reviewed, updated, and approved a plethora of policies required by New York State, Finger Lakes Library System or it just seemed like a good idea!  With all these projects and more, outside, inside, in a binder, or online, the library is a busy place.

As we begin our budgeting process for 2023, the Board thanks you for your past support and hopes that you will continue with your financial support.  The fall fundraiser line item in our budget each year is important and necessary for the continued success of our library and staff.  We hope you will consider a year-end gift to the Coburn Free Library!

Please make checks for this year’s fund drive payable to the Coburn Free Library.  They can be mailed in or dropped off at the front desk.  As always, all contributions are tax-deductible as provided by law.   We thank you.  Happy reading!

Your trustees,

Linda Williams, President

James Pritchard, Vice-President

David Woodburn, Treasurer

Ellen Keough, Secretary

Mike Fenn, Trustee

Dan Whippo, Trustee

Jason Luke, Trustee

Mike Phelps, Trustee

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