November 2023 Board Agenda

Board Meeting Agenda

Coburn Free Library

Thursday, 11/16/23

10:00 am


Roll Call:  President – Linda Williams, Vice President- Jim Pritchard, Treasurer- David Woodburn, Secretary –   Ellen Keough, Trustee – Michael Fenn, Trustee– Carlynne Freitag, OACSD Trustee – Jason Luke, OACSD Trustee- Mike Phelps, OACSD Trustee Joe Palladino.

Absent:  __________________________________________________________________________________

Approval of Minutes:

Financial Report:  Report from Michael Fenn – Financial Team

Director’s Report:  Mikayla Worzel

  • First amendment policy
  • Finger Lakes Library System 2024 Fiscal Year e-content contribution

Old Business:  

  • HVAC Status Update
  • Budget second draft

New Business:                                                                           

Next meeting of the Board of Trustees:  12/21/23 at 10:00 am.



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